Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tyger Vinum Muzik

For those of you wanting to know how long I've been in the music business, I started out doing freestyles and featuring on mixtape's around 1998 then dropped my first single "Nocturnal Emissionz" in 2001. Below is my discography starting with the newest release "Grindin Muzik," which released a few months ago, back to my first "Tha Infuzion," released in 2002.  

Released 2010 - The 3rd album from Tyger Vinum is a mix of gritty street tales, party anthems, and lyricism backed by top quality production and features collaborations with Sean Price, Kool G. Rap, Ruste Juxx, and others. It's 16 tracks of new flavor.

Released 2007 - Lyrically driven conscious poems with a grimy street delivery and international production. 

Released 2006 - High octane, lyrically driven hip-hop filled with versatile and witty tracks with an undertone of MC hunger.

Released 2006 - Hardcore poisonous poetry over head nodding beats and neck snapping production.

Released 2004Rapid, raw and lyrically poizonous the International Hustler album combines East-coast, West-coast, and European production with sick metaphors and razor-sharp lyricism.  
Released 2003 - East-coast storyteller flow with a sexy R&B twist. Featuring the bonus track "We Keep It," a gangsta anthem guaranteed to make your system bounce.             
Released 2002 - Sick East Coast flow with Mid-West and West coast production.    

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