Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sandy Hook Mystery

If you haven’t heard of the Sandy Hook massacre then you’re not from Earth. The tragic murder of 20 children and several adults has been playing non-stop on the news globally since it occurred. The fallout from Sandy Hook is a targeted attack on the gun laws in the U.S. particularly assault rifles. 

According to the media, anti-gun lobbyists are focused on assault rifles because an assault rifle was used in the Sandy Hook massacre. Here are a few twists to the official story. The assault rifle originally claimed by the medical Examiner to have killed all the children and adults, was found NEVER FIRED in the trunk of Adam Lanza’s car. This completely refutes the M.E.’s claim that all the deaths were caused by the Bushmaster .223 assault rifle. 

Another mystery is what happened to the second shooter? What shooter you ask. The shooter who escaped and was chased and apprehended by police live on the news. There were numerous witnesses kids and adults who said there was a second guy in police custody who was involved with the shooting. What happened to that guy in the official report? There is televised footage of him being apprehended ALIVE by police. 

The biggest mystery that no one including the parents can answer is currently the subject of intense debate. Why were memorial pages set-up on Facebook for the Sandy Hook massacre two days before it happened? Think about that for a minute…. Loving parents were setting up memorial pages for their lost child 2 days before it happened. How do you explain that? That question and many more are posed by one concerned citizen in the documentary “What Really Happened in Sandy Hook.” posted below. 

Watch the video, think about the questions, and join the search by concerned citizens and parents for the answers. Since this documentary was released it's been covered with advertisements. Open it to full screen and press the little "X" to close the advertisements placed to distract from the video.


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