Thursday, October 20, 2011

Truth... Its The New Hate

Below is one of the best speeches to humanity ever written…said by one of the most unlikely people. Here is a speech made by funny man Charles “Charlie“ Chaplin

He was known professionally for his long history of comedy in films. In a scene made from one of his movies, Charles makes an inspirational speech made to uplift humanity. The message behind the speech is the unification of mankind beyond race, color or status. Bridging the gap between the poor, middle-class and rich so all can live in a harmonious society

I don’t know what year it was done or from what movie but regardless this is hands down one of the best speeches ever written. Take a listen and judge for yourself. If you like it pass the link on to a friend, it could brighten up their day. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.George Orwell

Friday, October 7, 2011

Brand New Muzik

The seas of time flow endlessly. Each life no matter how majestic or important is a mere pebble. Shining briefly in the sun before being carried away by its waves. 

I often think of the passage of time when listening to music lately. Hip-Hop has evolved so much since the days of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five "The Message". It was once a medium to breakdown social barriers, raise awareness, and ignite social change.

Now mainstream Hip-Hop is a means for artists to promote their newest venture. Media hype to sell a phone, liquor, clothing or accessory. I miss the variety that 90's Hip-Hop had. There was hardcore, conscious, gangsta and even horror Hip-Hop courtesy of the Gravediggaz. What the 90's had that is almost non-existent today is variety. There was a diversity of elements that made Hip-Hop a musical genre like no other.

Now I can listen to hours of music and have 80% cover the same subject matter Cars, Money, Drugs, Guns and Girls. Don't get it twisted, that is part of the foundation of Hip-Hop but back in the day, the people rappin that lifestyle were actually living it. Most of the catz rappin about that lifestyle now have only seen it on their television. I'm not hatin... I just miss the diversity. 

After searching through numerous artists and videos I posted some brand new muzik by up and coming as well as established artists. What I like is the return of the cypher. Tracks with 7 or 8 MC's so the listener gets a feel of how different styles can compliment each other over a beat. Check out how DJ Diamond Kuts puts it down for Philly.