Tuesday, January 28, 2014

True Love Tester?

The creative minds of Japanese scientist and a few fashion heads decided to design a bra that won't open unless the woman is supposedly in love.

The new Bra, is being toughed as a "True Love Tester" because it can't be unhooked without the proper emotional response. According to a Human Sexuality Specialist and the former Med School Associate Professor. When a woman is in love her brain produces a hormone called Catecholamine. This hormone is different than any other secretion produced by arousal or excitement. Once it's released into the blood there's an increase in heart rate, pulse and pupil dilation. 

There's a built in sensor on the front of the bra that monitors heart rate and pulse. All the info is sent to a special app. designed for the bra via Bluetooth. The app. then analysis the data and judges ether the woman is truly in love by changes in heart rate over time. The bra will only open when a woman's brain produces high enough levels of Catecholamine.

Call me old fashioned or maybe even a romantic, but I like to believe there's more to love than a combination of hormones and electrical impulses. Although this bra maybe able to read all the aforementioned physical responses it can't calculate the connection between two souls. (That's just my opinion)

Regardless of whether you believe it works or not, the bra is an interesting new piece of technology. To learn more about how the "True Love Tester," works and where you can buy one...watch the video below.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

God of War: Ascension

I just finished playing God Of War: Ascension. If you've been following the blog you know I'm a huge fan of the game. I did a review of the series two years ago titled "The complete God of War series" back when I thought it would end as a trilogy.

I'm happy that it didn't and I got to play the new installment of the series. GOW: Ascension, seemed like a prequel to the GOW trilogy. For breaking his blood pact with Ares, Kratos was imprisoned by the three Furies, the guardians of honor and punishment.  First he must escape, then defeat the Furies who hold the threads of his past. 

Like in the previous installments all the creatures are from mythology. Most are from previous games but the developers got creative and added a few new creatures like the Basilisk, and Hecatonchires that boosted the difficulty level. They also changed the character design and some of the attacks of creatures like the Sirens and Medusa.

Aside from the Blades of Chaos, which are Krato's standard ass-kicking weapon. You earn blades from different elements like Fire, Ice, and Lightening which are tailored to defeat particular enemies. The game play was fast paced with good graphics. If you're a fan of the series I definitely recommend playing the game. Below I posted a demo from the game check it out.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New York Spit

This song is a tribute to New York City, the birth place of Hip-Hop. The NY style, slang, and culture still influences European artists to pick up a mic. The title "New York Spit," describes the east coast style of slang.  

Dollarmentary and I talk about our experiences in the Big Apple and all the artists that inspired us. The song will be released as a single in March, and will be available for download at all major digital retailers.

Album: Tha Audio Bully 2014
Label: Vinumous Records
Artist: Tyger Vinum
Feat: Dollarmentary
Production: Beats By Jake
Mixed & Mastered: LBoogie

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Male Birth Control Pill

Get ready for a paradigm shift. Soon no longer will it be only women who have the convenience of having pill contraception. New science has several companies working on making the male birth control pill a reality.

Over the years both men and women have wondered why there is no pill based male contraception. The reasons vary depending on which group of scientist you speak too. One reason given is, when birth control pills were created back in the sixties along with the rest of female contraception. The minds behind it didn't think there was interest in a male version, basically saying that birth control was the responsibility of women

Another more scientific reason given is, the male anatomy is vastly different than the females and it's difficult for science to create a pill that doesn't have long term or permanent side effects. Men want contraception....not to be sterilized.

The real reason for no male birth control pill being on the market is money. Over the last forty years there have been several studies and experiments done on male contraception. The results always show promise and media gets people talking, but it stops there. Why? Because the costs to do experiments, gather data, and publish research may cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. The cost to bring a product from the experimental phase to a physical pill form costs a couple hundred million. The scientists that collect this research don't have the funding to make their products a reality.

A Brazilian scientist named Dr. Coutinho, did research with the Chinese in the 1970's to create a male birth control pill made from natural products. The pill was designed to increase male sexual desire, while blocking contraception. It was created by extracting proteins from fibers of Gossypol (a strain of Cotton). According to Dr. Coutinho, the pill is currently in use in China. There have been over two hundred studies published to prove it doesn't effect organ function and has no side effects. The reason the pill isn't being sold in the western world is because pharmaceutical companies won't invest in a natural product they can't patent. He lists several other reasons but you can watch the video and hear it directly from the doctor.

It's been over forty years since the days of the good doctor and it looks like change is on the horizon. Men have a lot more responsibility than they had in the 70's. Back then if you were a dead beat dad there was only garnishment of wages. Now, if you overpay your child support you can get six months in prison. That may sound like an exaggeration, but watch the video below and see my words as fact.

Recently an Australian group of scientists were able to make a group of male mice temporarily infertile, without effecting their virility or sex drive. The new research seems promising and they believe it won't be long before human trials. Watch the video below for more information on the new research and the exact science behind it.

In modern times men face severe penalties for creating children. A male birth control pill would give men more control over our sex lives and put the power of contraception in the hands of both sexes.