Friday, September 30, 2011

Album Reviews

The fall season is upon us in Holland and its been raining like the end of days. I keep expecting an ark to float by filled with exotic animals. The rain has given me a chance to listen to some dope tunes.  I never review music that I don't like cuz I don't believe in giving bad press. If you're familiar with my previous posts you know how I grade music. If you're unfamiliar here's the scoop. I rate in a five star system 5 being the highest 1 the lowest, check my older posts for a more in depth breakdown. With that said...lets get it in. 

Kanye West & Jay Z - Watch The Throne  *** (3)

Perhaps my expectations were to high but when two moguls get thrown in the tank together I expected to hear magic. The flows are nice, the beats are nice, but its just that...nice. There are a few dope productions on the album but overall its average nice. If you're a Jay Z or Kanye fan it can be a nice addition to your collection.

Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun - Monumental **** (4.25) 

This album lives up to the name. Pete Rock is known for making classic beats and it seems like he saved some of the best tracks for this project. Smif-N-Wessun spit rhymes like two hungry young rappers looking for a deal. The chemistry between the three comes off as a smooth blend of classic Hip-Hop with new flavor.  There are guest appearances by Sean Price, Memphis Bleek, Styles P, Raekwon, Bun B, and several other heavy hitters. Standout songs like That's Hard, Feel Me, This One, and Night Time give the album a cypher like quality that can appeal to mainstream or underground listeners.

Canibus & Keith Murray - In Gods We Trust: Crush Microphones to Dust  *** (3.75)

I was waiting for this album to be released. Canibus is a lyrical monster and I've been a fan since his work with the Lost Boyz. By the time 1st round K.O. was released he was already a well respected MC. Keith Murray is no slouch when it comes to spittin. As a member of the Def Squad he used to go toe to toe with Redman and Erick Sermon. His track "The most beautifullest thing is this world" is still considered a Hip-Hop classic. The two lyricists have good chemistry and better rhymes. The only thing that needed improvement was a few of their beats. The majority of the production is on point and I would definitely recommend this album to any Canibus or Keith Murray fan.  

The Game – The Red Album ** (2.75)

The Game had made a name for himself with a mix of controversy (his blood gang affiliation), Beef with former label mate 50cent and by name dropping other artists in his rhymes. The Documentary helped bring the West back while making the game more than just another G-Unit soldier. This project had potential but the one dimensional subject matter and multitude of gang references weigh it down. The Red Album features production by Dr. Dre and a few other industry heavy weights. Overall this album has a few good tracks but its not going to make Game the west-coast legend he aspires to be.   

Next album review will be only underground artists. The mainstream is over saturated with artists who have all the promotion and radio play but rhymes, delivery and subject matter is lacking. Some of the new tracks I've been listening to have all these qualities minus the budget. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super Earth Found

A planet with Earth like conditions has been discovered. The Planet was discovered by HARPS (High Accuracy Radial Planet Searcher) and has four times the mass of Earth. It's also close enough to its yellow sun to support life and since its close to its yellow sun the planet named HD 85512 B has a consistent temperature of seventy-seven degrees. It is a world almost four times the size of Earth and is located 36 light-years away in the constellation Vela.

The planet exists in what scientists term the habitable zone. This means its in the area around a star where water could exist in liquid form, which would make a potential planet livable. To date scientists have found more than 50 new planets and 16 potentially habitable ones. I posted clips from the news interview from CNN and other media outlets on this planet and other Astronomical discoveries.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tyger Vinum live

I've been doing allot of shows lately in between working on new music. My most recent show was at the Little Stage in Berlin on September 3rd. The venue was nice, the vibe was cool, and the people know how to party. 

Before that I did a show  at the CC Muziek Cafe in Amsterdam on August 16th. That was a different vibe all together. The venue was more of a lounge performer set-up. There were instruments of all types on the stage for singer/songwriters to display their talent. The audience was a mix of middle aged to young Dutch and international people who weren't ready for me to unleash the beast.

Tyger Vinum live was a one hour set with my homie DJ Illskillz playing mostly new material and a few older joints. The crowd didn't know how to react at first but after the two songs they were hungry for more. Below I posted clips from the CC Muziek Cafe show for those who want to see how I get busy. I didn't have a camera for my last show in Berlin but I'll be back doing a show at the Acud Session Cafe on November 18th so I'll have some footage from that performance to post.