Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cajun Jumbalaya

I've been cooking up hot music in the kitchen like a pot of Cajun Jumbalaya. There's my new song posted below Redlight City which talks about all the things you see in Amsterdam on a Saturday night. Along with several other songs from my upcoming album Tha Audio Bully.

I also have a show August 16th at the CC Muziek Cafe. Its going to be raw, uncut, Hip-Hop so if you're around come hangout and party. Last, there's new music from a diverse group of artists. Check it out!

Redlight City by Tyger Vinum

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cure to Aids and Cancer

A friend of mine got diagnosed with type one diabetes, which is incurable. I spent several days scouring the Internet learning as much about the disease as possible. I found no information on a cure for type one diabetes but I did find several videos with cures for Aids and Cancer.

I know that may sound strange since these diseases are the plagues of the 21st, but its true. There was a cure for Aids, Cancer and almost every other disease (bacterial and viral) that effects the blood found by scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City in the early 1990s. They published a paper on the discovery in the March 20, 1991, Science News, page 247. What they discovered was low levels of electrification of the blood was proven to be a cure for almost all infectious diseases. The discovery was tested and confirmed by some of the biggest names in the scientific community. Why have you never heard of this discovery?

The information was suppressed because its more profitable to keep people sick than provide a cure. If pharmaceutical companies cured a disease they can only do it once. If they gave expensive and in most cases untested medication to suppress the symptoms of an illness they can do it indefinitely. This might sound like some conspiracy but the keep people sick formula was discussed in depth on a Michael Moore documentary. I’m not going to preach about how big, bad, business is making a profit of your illness, instead I’ll let you see for yourself that there is a cure.

Another possible cure to Cancer by means of alternative medicine is in the video below. This cure isn’t supported by the entire scientific community due to the demonization of hemp and marijuana. For free-thinkers willing to research the medicinal properties of hemp the information in the video below is beneficial. When searching for a non-invasive cure that doesn’t involve painful radiation treatments like chemotherapy.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Comic Movies

I was a huge comic fan when I was a kid. I would read the X-Men, Spider Man, Wolverine, Avengers, and most of the rest of the Marvel line. One of my favorites was X-Force because it was written like the team were average teens with adult problems. The new trend in Hollywood of turning popular comics in to movies has been really successful. 

The Superman franchise were the first successful comic movies. Followed by the Batman franchise which was successful for the first film but quickly lost popularity. I was never a DC comic reader because most of their characters had cheesy names and were to wholesome. It was like reading an episode of Leave it to Beaver except the Beaver and Wally wore spandex. After the release of the Batman movies I began reading his comic.

Thanks to advancements in C.G. (Computer Graphics) technology movies can push the envelope with special effects, making more films that resemble the action sequences found in the books. Which attracts readers like myself and new fans who may have never read the comics but are attracted to the movie. Below is my top fifteen list of comics that have been turned into movies that I think are worth watching. Also a list of movies that could have been done better.

1. Batman Dark Knight
2. Blade
3. The Crow
4. Time Cop
5. Sin City
6. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
7. Iron Man
8. X-Men
9. The Incredible Hulk
10. Spawn
11. V for Vendetta
12. Hell Boy
13. Watchmen
14. Dare Devil
15. Men in Black

These films were in a word “Wack!” They did no justice to the comic, were badly written, and most had bad acting as well.

Green Lantern
Ghost Rider
Fantastic Four
Cat Woman
The Spirit

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Album Reviews

Summer is here, the weather is HOT and the music is even hotter. I never review music that I don't like, cuz I don't believe in giving bad press. If you're familiar with my previous posts you know how I grade music. If you're unfamiliar here's the scoop. I rate in a five star system 5 being the highest 1 the lowest...lets get it in. 

Random Axe - Random Axe **** (4.25)

Is what you get when you put three dope lyricist into one super group. Sean Price, Black Milk, and Guilty Simpson combined their talents and put out a solid first album. All the production was done by Black Milk and although a few of the beats were minimalist style like J-Dilla most of the tracks are banging. Black Milk and Guilty Simpson are from Detroit. Sean Price is a Bucktown, BK veteran and half of the Iconic group Helta Skelta. Combining their sounds and rhyming like their competing against each other make each track a competition of who can spit the dopest verse.   

EDO.G - A Face in the Crowd **** (4.25) 

EDO.G is a Boston legend. one third of the group Special Teamz he's been putting out music since the days of Big Daddy Kane. Although ED is a industry veteran he still rhymes like a hungry new cat spitting fire every verse. Boasting head nodding production and collabos with Made Men, M-1, Bishop Lemont, Special Teamz and a few others. This album is definitely worth listening to if you like hardcore east-coast lyricism.

Tech N9NE - All 6's and 7's **** (4.50)

Tech N9ne is a Kansas City spitter who came to fame as a member of The Regime. Now he has a label Strange Music and a roster of artists from all over the map. This album is more of a group album featuring most of his artists on each track. The album has several standout tracks like Pornographic featuring E-40 but it has to many skits. Regardless the KC MC has consistently put out dope music and this is a fine addition yo his catalog. If you're a Tech Nine fan I definitely recommend going out and buying a copy.

Curren$y - Weekend at Bernies *** (3.50)

The Baton Rouge MC has been building his buzz slow and steady with singles and videos. This album has production reminiscent of 90's west coast music. The flows are tight but most of the songs stick to the same subject matter. Women, weed and money, which is normal in Hip-Hop but it would've been nice to hear Curren$y diversify his subject matter on a few tracks. This is a good album and Curren$y spits some hot bars on a few songs, but overall its one dimensional and leaves listeners waiting for something different. 

Killer Mike - The Pl3dge **** (4.50)

Killer Mike is a Atlanta lyricist with a strong delivery and diverse subject matter. This album is in a word "dope." The production is on point, the flows are tight, and the albums filled with an assortment of content. Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga touches on serious subjects like the presidency, welfare and the plight of black people in these times of war. He does it all with wit and top notch lyricism. Standout tracks Ready Set Go, American Dream and Burn show that Killer Mike is in touch with current issues, and isn't afraid to voice his opinion.