Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Video: Four Walls

Greetings, bloggers and's been awhile. 

During my absence I've completed several new songs, travelled to two new countries Portugal and Belgium, and finished one video. Since I'm short on time I'll stick to the topic at hand and talk about the video. In the next post I'll give a summary of my visit to Algarve, Portugal. Hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth. Check out a few of the pics from the trip below. 

Four Walls is the last single off Tha Audio Bully album. The song details my struggles dealing with success and failure. It's also about how it feels to be confined by peoples opinions of your creativity, and the state of Hip-Hop. When I started making music Hip-Hop was about beats, bars and passion. Now it's about which producers name is on the track, singing instead of rapping and how tight the singer/rapper's pants can be. I don't judge peoples fashion choices. I do critique an artists lyrical skill level. For me it's a privilege to make music and have people appreciate my unique sound. For that I say "Thank You!!!"

Below is the video for Four Walls. The clip was shot mostly in Amsterdam with a few pieces in Belgium. Check it out, drop a comment, and if you like it...tell a friend to tell a friend. Until next time. Peace

Monday, April 17, 2017

Music and Merchandise

It's been some time since I could sit down for awhile and blog. Over the last few months I've made new music while taking steps to expand the business. After all making music is a business, and I needed to get mine poppin.

As of April 2017, the Tyger Vinum clothing line and baseball caps became available on Amazon markets in North America. That is Canada and the United States, (Mexico is coming soon).

The clothing line is already available on all European (Germany, Spain, U.K., France, and Italy) Amazon markets. You can also find it on almost all Ebay markets. For local Dutch buyers the clothing line and music is also available on So to all my friends, family, fans, and fashionista's check out my products and if you like something buy something.

Now that the business is in motion, I managed to maneuver a little time to make some music. I've recorded three songs in two weeks, and two of them are posted below. First is G.U.N. Muzik. G.U.N.,which is an acronym for the words Grab Ur Nutz Muzik, is a head-nodding Hip-Hop anthem. 

The track is for all my hardcore Hip-Hop heads. It's a song with a message that some people can relate to; while being delivered using heavy lyrical bars and a banging instrumental. This song gets the head nodding and makes you want to grab ur nutz!

The second track is one I wrote a few years back, but never released. It's called "Tha A" and it's my ode to Amsterdam. The song describes a variety of different situations you can expect to experience if you go out in Amsterdam for a night. The chorus is old, but the lyrics and beat are new for 2017. 

Both songs are demos just so you can get an idea of what to expect on the new album. There's a lot more music coming soon.

Aside from the music and merchandise, I've been shooting scenes for the "Four Walls" video. Since all my attention has been focused on the other two endeavours, I haven't had time for video making. That's going to change over the next few months. Expect two new videos before the summer is over.  

Now, I have to go pack for my trip to the Canary Islands. I leave in eight hours and still haven't begun packing.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Discoveries

Welcome to 2017! The fields of medicine and technology have expanded rapidly over the last year. Below are a few groundbreaking new discoveries that may have slipped under your radar.

First, is the discovery of a new human organ called the "Mesentery". The Mesentary is an organ located around the intestines that was once thought of as extra fatty tissue. Since its discovery earlier this month, scientists were able to identify its shape and structure. Right now scientists don't know what functions it performs in the human body. Just for the record...There are quite a few disbelievers who think that this is a hoax. They say with all the technology (x-ray, CAT-scan, etcetera) someone would've discovered this organ already. I find the discussion interesting. To learn more about the Mesentery and the doctor who discovered it, watch the video below.

Scientists in Australia have discovered a berry that can cure many types of cancer in just 48 hours. The berry comes from the Blushwood tree, which is only found in the jungles of Queensland, Australia. The seeds from the tree contain a molecule scientist have named EBC-46. Once injected this molecule triggers the immune system to become hyperactive and it attacks cancer cells. The drug has already passed animal trials and is now being tested on humans. Learn more about this amazing discovery by watching the video below.

This is actually an old discovery, but since I'm speaking about seeds that kill cancer, it deserves honorable mention. The apple seed is said to have similar properties to the Blushberry tree. The Apple seed is 10,000 more effective than Chemotherapy, has no harmful side effects, and is effective against any form of cancer. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apple seeds are also used to remove parasites and worms from the body. If you want to know why they're not being harvested to fight the video below.

Last, is an invention that would benefit people in countries like Africa, Haiti, and the Middle East. The "WaterSeer," is a device that extracts moisture from the air to create water. This innovative device has no electrical parts or chemicals and produces 11 gallons of clean water a day. This is not a concept model; WaterSeer is a functioning and field tested device. To learn more about the WaterSeer check the video and their website for more information. The FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions are found at the bottom of the page.