Saturday, June 30, 2012

Speaking Chinese

Below is a new song called "Speaking Chinese." I named it that cuz the producer who made the track used samples from Chinese instruments. The song is a dedication to all the beautiful women world-wide. As always if you like the song leave a comment and spread the word. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raw Living

I recently completed a 30 day raw diet. If you don't know what a raw diet is, let me explain. The "raw" diet means everything I ate was raw (uncooked or processed) for thirty days. The raw movement was popularized in the mid 90's when all the Hollywood celebrities were trying to get fit. At the time it was so new and trendy there were raw restaurants everywhere. Now the trend has died and only a few restaurants remain.

The diet was difficult for the first few days because I would miss simple things like bread and cheese. After two weeks the cravings went away and the real hunger kicked in. I don't know if it was because the body processed raw food faster, or if I wasn't eating frequently enough, but for whatever reason I was always hungry.  

Most people growing up in an urban environment in America don't learn about nutrition. The majority of the Caribbean, Latin, Indian, and soul foods are heavy in fat, starches, and oil. Individually these substances aren't a problem but in high enough quantities they cause heart disease, asthma, diabetes, liver and kidney failure, ending in death.

This may sound a bit extreme to be talking this way about food...but its true. If a person adds a few fresh fruits and vegetables to their daily caloric intake. It can reduce visits to a doctor, prevent sickness, provide energy, stamina, strength, and add years to your life. 

What's interesting about the raw lifestyle is that most cooked meals have a raw substitute. Such as raw pasta with Alfredo sauce, cheesecake, brownies, burgers and hundreds of other foods. At the end of my thirty days, I lost a lot of weight and learned some new things about health and nutrition.

If you want to learn more about raw living check out the video below, and for raw recipes and desserts check out The Rawtarian.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


People keep asking "where is the music?" It's coming, but like all good things I'm taking my time to make it right. So to all my fans and haters here is a new track called "Novicane" fresh out the lab. The video will be shot in a few weeks. Its going to have a nice theme to it...that I won't spoil, by telling you now. Besides, it's always better to see something than hear about it. 

Check out the track, if u like it leave a comment...or leave one even if you don't like it. Either way take a listen and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheap Investments

Ever since Facebook started selling stock everyone wants to become an investor. 

Investing money into any project can be a tricky affair. There's always a risk of the project going wrong or being a scam. There are resources available to help lessen the risk of lose, like research on the internet or newspapers but nothing is fool proof. If you're new to investing and want to start small Penny Stocks are a good option. The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) classify penny stocks as any stock under five dollars. 

There's a man named Timothy Sykes who claims to have made millions from penny stocks. It is possible and there are people searching for the next big start-up company like Walmart or Google to duplicate his success. What made Timothy Sykes so successful is he had the inside scoop on which are the "hottest penny stocks." He offers advice on his website along with tips and tricks to avoid for investors. 

Although penny stocks cost less in some ways they can be more costly than blue-chip stock. There are four major factors that increase the risk. There's a lack of information available to the public, no minimum standards, lack of history and liquidity. You can read more about the risk of penny stock on investopedia by clicking the link.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Animal Sex

Having sex with donkeys is a part of growing up for the boys in northern Colombia. There are numerous reasons given on why they do it. Some believe having sex with a donkey makes the penis grow bigger. Other people say having sex with an animal is the traditional way in many cultures, for a man to prepare for sex with a human woman. 

This is not something new or even indigenous to Columbia bestiality and zoophilia are in every culture in civilization. Columbia is a very religious country so the girls don't start having sex until their late teens or early twenties. Some parents interviewed were happy the boys were having sex with donkeys instead of girls because they couldn't get the donkey pregnant.

The video below is an expose on the local Colombian animal sex traditions along with interviews with the locals and a Ph.D author on the subject. Here's a spoiler for ends with a man having sex with a donkey. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Socially Conscious

A friend once told me that, "I was to smart not to notice the world's problems...but to cold to care."

David Banner is a man that cares. His new track "Malcolm X" is a direct stand against all the negative stereotypes being perpetuated in music today. He talks about why rappers are so proud to brag that they're selling drugs in their hoods. When they're selling the drugs to their own people, which helps to destroy their neighborhoods.

The lyrics are hard but not preachy, the chorus is an angry chant with top notch production. David Banner is one of those socially conscious MC's who can still get in a cypher and spit fire. Don't get it twisted, he was making gangsta tunes before becoming aware of the message being related in his music. 

Another MC who gets busy is Murs. He is known as a conscious rapper who prefers to use more vocabulary than curses. His name is an acronym of many meanings. M.U.R.S. stands for (Making the Universe Recognize and Submit or Making Underground Raw Shit) and several others things. He is part of Hip-Hop groups Living Legends, 3 Melancholy Gypsies, Felt and an organizer of the Paid Dues festival. On his new song "Epic Salutations," Murs details the problems in Hip-Hop with witty rhymes, over neck-snapping production. 

Last, is a new track by Tech N9ne featuring group Mayday. Tech has never been known as the most conscious of rappers, but this song is different. Its a tribute to all the people who have been effected by the horrors of war. Whether its the soldiers fighting in the war or the families waiting for a soldiers return, the song is dedicated to everyone.