Thursday, May 13, 2010

G-Boards (Gas-Powered Skateboards)

I just watched this clip on youtube a friend sent me about G-boarding. For those who don't know G-boards are gas powered skateboards that are made for all terrain. Its relatively new technology so it costs $500 now but in a year or less the price should drop to more average consumer level. If you don't have the patience and want to splurge now, I highly recommend it.

The "Wheelman," G-board has a 43cc or 49cc 2 stroke engine, can hold up to 90kg and has a max speed of 35km/h. For more info on the Wheelman and a bunch of other cool bikes and quads go to I ride anything with a board so I'm going to try on the first chance I get...check it out. 

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