Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jazz Art

This post is dedicated to the only true original American art form...Jazz. The first Jazz music I remember was Duke Ellington. The big band music was alright, but it didn't move me like Hip-Hop. Years later when visiting a friend I discovered Miles Davis "Porgy and Bess" and really became a fan of the genre.

The music was an acquired taste but I've always loved Jazz Art. Most of the paintings are depictions of musicians performing in a smoky cafe with sharp dressed patrons. The art has a certain elegance that the bright, attention grabbing, style in Hip-Hop art is missing

Some of the first Jazz paintings I saw were by a talented artist named Justin Bua. He uses a broad spectrum of colors giving his paintings, some of which are caricature a life like quality. Below are some of my favorites pieces of Jazz art. If I have the artists name I will add it to the link list and you can Google them to see more work.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Video Exclusive

Hello Readers, 

Like the title says this is a new video exclusive (within the first few minutes of being uploaded) release of my new video "Wanna Sound Like Me". 

The song is off Tha Audio Bully album coming later this year. The video is fast paced visuals that follow the lyrics and provide a 3D experience to the song. The song is lyrical and melodic, so the video is meant to give images to what the rhymes are saying. I believe in making a fan a day, cuz it helps the music reach new ears. Check out the video and if you like it, forward it to a friend.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Future Tech

A US company with a branch in Taiwan recently revealed a prototype transparent phone. The new phone is composed of a conductive glass that is toughened to resist scratches and shattering. It’s thinner and twenty-five percent lighter than an iPhone 5, and features a larger 4.3 inch screen. Both front and backsides of the phone can display images but it can only be touch activated from one side.

The good news (aside from it being cool tech) is that its going to be sold cheaper than the iPhone 5. Although the company has yet to reveal how much cheaper. You don’t have long to wait for the answer. The new phones will be on shelves this year. To see the phone and learn more about the product check out the video below.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Muzik

Whats good People,

This has been a busy month so I haven't had the chance to post. My new video "Wanna Sound Like Me" gets released next week, so check back for it. In the meantime I posted some New Muzik below from mostly 90's artists still making moves.

The new song "86 Remix" by Raekwon featuring AZ has a dope throwback vibe, plus the rhymes are on point. Its been a while since I heard a track with AZ, he used be compared to Nas all the time. They were both sick with the flow but Nas had better exposure and a bigger budget.

Beside Raekwon, there's also music from Java Starr, Cap 1, Vado and Murs. Check it out.

Java Starr Ft. Scarface - My City

Raekwon (Feat. AZ & Altrina Renee) - 86 (Remix)

Cap 1 - Testimony

Murs & 9th Wonder - What Up Tho

Vado - Right Now