Thursday, May 27, 2010

God of War 3

This is for all my cyber-junkies, gamers and couch commando's. 

If you're a gamer and you haven't heard of the God of War then you're not from this planet. The G.O.W. (God of War) trilogy started out for the PS2 (part 1 and 2) and carried over to the new PS3 console (part 3).  G.O.W. is a action adventure game set in Greek and Roman mythology, where u are Krato's the avenger and servant to the gods. In part 1 Krato's completed his mission for the gods and they cheated him so in part 2  he goes for answers to why the gods broke their pact, and in part 3 he goes for revenge. I was annoyed that I have to go out and buy a PS3 just to finish the series, but when I played the demo...I knew it was worth the investment. Below is the game trailer from youtube and if u wanna own your own copy go to

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