Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 Classic Remixes

In the spirit of the best remix contest below are 5 classic remixes that still get airplay on my MP3 player. Notice that in the 90's when producers made a remix they not only added new verses, but in some cases added a new beat. The reason Murder Inc, Bad Boy and other labels at the time stopped doing this. Is the way to track a records success is thru BDS (broadcast data systems) spins and if they change the beat of a record the BDS system doesn't recognize the record anymore and starts counting spins again from zero. 

Instead of having one record sell 20,000 copies and the remix selling 30,000 copies to make the total of 50,000, which would be somewhat successful. Labels had one successful record and one unsuccessful. So to capitalize off remixing a record they stopped changing the beat. 

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