Saturday, April 30, 2011

Asian Hip-Hop

I listen to allot of Hip-Hop. Out of all the different styles and genres of Hip-Hop there have only been a few Asian rappers to get shine. The one artist everyone associates as the spokesman for Asian Hip-Hop is Jin the MC. If you don't know who Jin is then you don't listen to enough Hip-Hop. 

Jin was the first Asian rapper to be signed to the majors in 2002. Not only that he was signed to the mega label Ruff Ryders when it was in its prime. He was on the label with The Lox, DMX, Eve, Mysonne, and the rest of the heavy-hitters.  Jin is a battle tested MC with a lengthy resume from battling artists Serius Jones, Mister Fab, Cassidy and countless others. If you want to know more about him google him or click the link. 

Since Jin's ascension to stardom there have been allot of Asian rapper's appearing on the scene. I posted videos from some talented MC's who are making moves in the industry. Be sure to check out "Skim" she is one of the few female MC's who can sing and spit.

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