Sunday, May 22, 2011

Older Muzik

Originally this post was going to be about new music. The problem is I didn't find enough new music that I like to post. There are new faces popping up on the internet everyday and the majority of them are wack! Lets be real. I'm hearing catz claim to be rappers but their verses don't rhyme. Other catz why can rhyme have a whole song of punch-lines. The song has no structure, meaning a beginning, middle and end. Finally you have these Cat in the Hat rappers whose rhymes are so simple a 7 year old could do better. Which is why there are so many 7 - 10 year old kids with record deals now. Its not that these kids are dope, its that the adults around them suck.

On a whole different subject. For the people writing me, asking why I don't put music by Lil B or Odd Future on the blog. Its because I don't like there music...period! I post music I like, and that I listen to. I don't have anything against them as artists but the music they make I'm not into. So save the emails, and stop with the requests, cuz its not going to happen...real talk.

With that said, I decided to post some Older Muzik. Music by artists who knew how to rhyme and song write. MC's and groups that respected the craft and created music that made you feel something. Below are tunes by Styles of Beyond, DMX, Cali Agents, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Tupac, and Onyx. All groups and artists that made (and some still making) music people can feel.

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