Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tyger Vinum live

I've been doing allot of shows lately in between working on new music. My most recent show was at the Little Stage in Berlin on September 3rd. The venue was nice, the vibe was cool, and the people know how to party. 

Before that I did a show  at the CC Muziek Cafe in Amsterdam on August 16th. That was a different vibe all together. The venue was more of a lounge performer set-up. There were instruments of all types on the stage for singer/songwriters to display their talent. The audience was a mix of middle aged to young Dutch and international people who weren't ready for me to unleash the beast.

Tyger Vinum live was a one hour set with my homie DJ Illskillz playing mostly new material and a few older joints. The crowd didn't know how to react at first but after the two songs they were hungry for more. Below I posted clips from the CC Muziek Cafe show for those who want to see how I get busy. I didn't have a camera for my last show in Berlin but I'll be back doing a show at the Acud Session Cafe on November 18th so I'll have some footage from that performance to post.

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