Friday, July 6, 2012

Scary Science

What is reality? This question has baffled scientists and inspired the writings of fiction writers for hundreds of years. 

Dr. Sylvester J. Gates Jr. is a theoretical physicist at Maryland University who discovered a "Doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code," in Supersymmetry (String) theory. This may all sound like a bunch of scientific gobbali-gook (that's the technical term) so I'll break it down in layman's terms. 

Supersymmetry is the study of our universe broken down into mathematical equations. There are different equations used to explain electronics and space travel. While there are a completely different set of equations used to explain the particles of life

Supersymmetry theory is basically the idea that the equations of life and electronics could be switched in a laboratory to create or discover new particles. Two days ago, Physicist at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland successfully discovered a new subatomic particle utilizing similar equations. CERN researchers believe they discovered the fabled Boson Higgs particle which has been the plot of numerous episodes on television show The Big Bang Theory.

Professor Gates and his colleagues have discovered self-correcting binary code in the equations of reality. The kind of codes that make a computer browser work when you're searching the web, emailing, or reading this post. These codes suggest that our reality could be a quantum generated computer simulation, so real that the brain can't tell the difference. The movie that encapsulates these experiments is the Matrix. That movie was science fiction but these equations are real... and hidden within our reality

This research is groundbreaking because it poses the questions. Why does nature have this code embedded into it? What is an 'error' for the laws of nature? Checkout the video below for a more in depth explanation of the code and how physicist plan on pursuing the discovery. Also there are a list of references with more information below the video.


2.) Gates original paper: 
3.) A potential explanation, Bostrom's Simulation Hypothesis:

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