Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jazz Art

This post is dedicated to the only true original American art form...Jazz. The first Jazz music I remember was Duke Ellington. The big band music was alright, but it didn't move me like Hip-Hop. Years later when visiting a friend I discovered Miles Davis "Porgy and Bess" and really became a fan of the genre.

The music was an acquired taste but I've always loved Jazz Art. Most of the paintings are depictions of musicians performing in a smoky cafe with sharp dressed patrons. The art has a certain elegance that the bright, attention grabbing, style in Hip-Hop art is missing

Some of the first Jazz paintings I saw were by a talented artist named Justin Bua. He uses a broad spectrum of colors giving his paintings, some of which are caricature a life like quality. Below are some of my favorites pieces of Jazz art. If I have the artists name I will add it to the link list and you can Google them to see more work.


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