Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anime: Reign The Conqueror

Life has been moving twice the speed of the Japanese bullet train, so blogging had to take a backseat. There's new music coming in the next few weeks, first the title track off the album "Tha Audio Bully," then another single.

In between the music, I checked out this series Reign: The Conqueror. It's the story of Alexander the Great. The series replays his conquest over Persia, Greece, and other lands, with a modern twist. The animation is done by  Peter Chung, the guy who created Aeon Flux.

The story is straight forward. Alexander is son of Philip II, king of Macedonia and Olympias, a snake witch. He went to battle at age 16 on a wild man-eating horse that he tamed in the woods with two friends. Alexander has a lust for speed that would shame a Formula 1 driver. He's relentless in his desire to move quickly from country to country toppling kingdoms. 

Needless to say that behavior infuriated a lot of people. First his father tries to kill him during a fest to honor his second born son. Then assassins from every organized religion see Alexander as the anti-Christ and try to take his head. The main protagonist are the order of  Aristotle

A group of sorcerers seeking the Plato-Hedron, the device which contains the knowledge of the entire world. According to a prophesy seen in the Plato-Hedron, Alexander was going to destroy the world if he invaded India. (which he does) How he does it and what happens after, make this series worth watching. Check out the short battle clip below.

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