Thursday, June 19, 2014

War 4 Profit

The video below contains an article written and narrated by Michael Rivero. The article is titles "All Wars are Bankers Wars".

The article theorizes that every war since the Crusades and the Knights Templar, were for money. According to Micheal the first Centralized Banking was created by the Knights Templar. A private centralized banking system, is when a foreign (bank) country infiltrates a sovereign country. Then by use of warfare forces the people to stop using their own government issued currency. And use the currency provided by the invading bank...borrowed at a high interest. This causes the country to be in debt to the invader and the bankers to get rich.

This system is why King Philip IV of France caused what is popularly known as Black Friday (Friday, 13 October 1307). In an attempt to end the stranglehold on Europe the Knights of Templar held, Philip and other dignitaries met in secret and agreed to round up all the knights and have them executed. By killing them all at once they hoped to end the tyranny of the bankers and return control of the countries economy to its rightful leaders. For a time their Coup d' Etat worked...then the bankers returned to power.

According to Benjamin Franklin, the American Revolution was sparked primarily by the colonist's refusal to accept King George III's currency act. This act (based on Centralized Banking) forced the colonist to stop using their own government printed currency. Money which they would use to buy food, property or supplies. Instead they could only conduct business using bank notes printed by the Bank of England,  borrowed at interest.

The obvious problem with this system is that the colonist would've been providing supplies, crops, food, and materials to England for free. Well not actually for free, the colonist would've had some nice pieces of printed paper to show for all their labor. That paper was supposed to be backed by gold, which the colonist could exchange at the Bank of England. The thing was the Bank of England didn't have enough gold at that time to pay off all the money they had printed. So the bank notes (dollars) had no value, while the supplies and food was priceless to the colonists.

The video below contains information you will never be taught in school. It talks about every war the worlds been in since the Knights of Templar. Also which presidents sold out the American people, and why JFK was assassinated. The details and research present a compelling case. Knowledge is power so if you like the video share it with a friend.

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