Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tech Stuff

It’s been a busy month. Time feels like it’s moving faster than I can keep up.  I’ve been busy promoting the music and new clothing line. While my people have been making updates to the company and my personal website. It’s a rush to get all the projects completed because I leave for Toscane, Italy on Sunday.

Technology is like time. It’s developing at a pace that our society is having trouble keeping up with. Over the last few years technology has made dramatic advancements in the fields of science, medicine, astrophysics and robotics.

One of the most significant advancement is the ability to perform head transplant surgery. Did you read those word right? Yes, you did.  Dr. Sergio Canavero, is a controversial neurosurgeon who believes we possess the technology to complete human head transplant surgery. The surgery will take around 36 hours and needs over 100 surgeons and assistants.  

Dr. Canavero, would not be the first surgeon to perform a head transplant. Back on the 1930’s through 1950’ Russian surgeon Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov, successfully transplanted heads between monkeys, rats, dogs and other animals. You can view some of his results in videos on youtube. One of the most famous is the video with the two headed dog. 

New and larger telescopes have allowed scientists to discover more exo-planets in the last year than ever before. Aside from planets there have been discoveries in black hole research, quantum physics and understanding the very fabric of reality. 

In the field of robotics a homemade Hoverboard has glided into the Guinness book of world records. While advancements in drone technology have produced insect sized drones, and personal drones that track you like GPS.  

Below are a few videos of technology that is changing the world.

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