Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Muzik

In between travel and work I've been slowly putting together a new album. At first It was going to be a EP featuring all the extra songs that didn't make it on "Tha Audio Bully" album. After listening to the extra tracks and the new one's I scrapped the plan for an EP and decided to put out another LP album. The new album is titled "Underground Artist, Major Threat" and it should be done next year.

When working on a new album I listen to a lot of New Muzik... for a variety of reasons. I listen to hear what style of music is popular (the south is still dominating). Which artists can really spit and which are only popular cuz of money and exposure. I listen for who has a message and who is perpetuating negative stereotypes. Out of all the reasons I listen the main reason is... to find artists I want to work with. If they're old school artists I listen to hear if they still got flow. If they're new artists I listen for originality and if they have their own sound. 

Below are videos from a mix of young new artists with a message and one Bay Area legend. The song "Heemin" from Mac Duna featuring Mac Dre, Tech N9ne and Fa$e resurrects Mac Dre (R.I.P.). Mac Dre was an MC from Vallejo, California whose unique flow was influential in the Bay Area Hip-Hop scene. Mac Dre was killed in 2004 but his charisma can still be felt in this 2015 video. 

The rest of the artists in the list are all new MC's. Some mainstream others underground but all of them have flow and a positive message. There's, Cashflow Harlem - Ladies Vs. Thots, Kwame Katana - Life Without Water, Big Sean Feat. Kanye West and John Legend - One Man Can Change The World. 

Last is the new mixtape "From Da Old 2 Tha New" from DJ and producer DJ Modesty hosted by Shabaam Shadeeq. DJ Modesty has been making beats, producing and hosting radio show "The Real Hip-Hop Show" for over a decade. Shabaam Sadeeq is a raw, lyricist with a catalog that spans back to the 90's. He drops jewels with some of the best in the game on this classic mixtape of old and new. Check it out!

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