Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Discoveries

Welcome to 2017! The fields of medicine and technology have expanded rapidly over the last year. Below are a few groundbreaking new discoveries that may have slipped under your radar.

First, is the discovery of a new human organ called the "Mesentery". The Mesentary is an organ located around the intestines that was once thought of as extra fatty tissue. Since its discovery earlier this month, scientists were able to identify its shape and structure. Right now scientists don't know what functions it performs in the human body. Just for the record...There are quite a few disbelievers who think that this is a hoax. They say with all the technology (x-ray, CAT-scan, etcetera) someone would've discovered this organ already. I find the discussion interesting. To learn more about the Mesentery and the doctor who discovered it, watch the video below.

Scientists in Australia have discovered a berry that can cure many types of cancer in just 48 hours. The berry comes from the Blushwood tree, which is only found in the jungles of Queensland, Australia. The seeds from the tree contain a molecule scientist have named EBC-46. Once injected this molecule triggers the immune system to become hyperactive and it attacks cancer cells. The drug has already passed animal trials and is now being tested on humans. Learn more about this amazing discovery by watching the video below.

This is actually an old discovery, but since I'm speaking about seeds that kill cancer, it deserves honorable mention. The apple seed is said to have similar properties to the Blushberry tree. The Apple seed is 10,000 more effective than Chemotherapy, has no harmful side effects, and is effective against any form of cancer. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apple seeds are also used to remove parasites and worms from the body. If you want to know why they're not being harvested to fight the video below.

Last, is an invention that would benefit people in countries like Africa, Haiti, and the Middle East. The "WaterSeer," is a device that extracts moisture from the air to create water. This innovative device has no electrical parts or chemicals and produces 11 gallons of clean water a day. This is not a concept model; WaterSeer is a functioning and field tested device. To learn more about the WaterSeer check the video and their website for more information. The FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions are found at the bottom of the page.

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