Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Video: Four Walls

Greetings, bloggers and's been awhile. 

During my absence I've completed several new songs, travelled to two new countries Portugal and Belgium, and finished one video. Since I'm short on time I'll stick to the topic at hand and talk about the video. In the next post I'll give a summary of my visit to Algarve, Portugal. Hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth. Check out a few of the pics from the trip below. 

Four Walls is the last single off Tha Audio Bully album. The song details my struggles dealing with success and failure. It's also about how it feels to be confined by peoples opinions of your creativity, and the state of Hip-Hop. When I started making music Hip-Hop was about beats, bars and passion. Now it's about which producers name is on the track, singing instead of rapping and how tight the singer/rapper's pants can be. I don't judge peoples fashion choices. I do critique an artists lyrical skill level. For me it's a privilege to make music and have people appreciate my unique sound. For that I say "Thank You!!!"

Below is the video for Four Walls. The clip was shot mostly in Amsterdam with a few pieces in Belgium. Check it out, drop a comment, and if you like it...tell a friend to tell a friend. Until next time. Peace

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