Monday, November 13, 2017

New Muzik Monday

What's Good blog readers! I would like to welcome you all to New Muzik Monday!!!

I'm sure someone out there is wondering what  is New Muzik Monday? Let me break it down for you. Every Monday for the next few weeks I will post a new unreleased song from my upcoming album Underground Artist Major Threat ... or a side project. 

I've been heavy in the studio for the last few months in between traveling and taking care of company business. Speaking of business, the website has been completely remade and updated. Why don't you do yourself a favor and go check it out. There's new clothing, hats, music, videos, paintings, books...and everything else. The only thing missing is the kitchen sink. 

Now that the business is back to running like a locomotive on a well-oiled track. I've been creating new tunes for the upcoming album and creating more art. There has been some internal debating on whether or not to make this my last album. It all depends on how I feel after the project is complete. Music is my first love but art is a close second. What you can expect from  this project is a mix of smooth R&B infused tracks and some hardcore neck-snapping heavy lyrical Hip-Hop bangers. The album will have something for Hip-Hop purist, backpackers, and everyone in between. 

This week's track is "We Elevate" featuring Young Gun and Pacewon. Young Gun and I go way back.  We have several collaborations on Tha Audio Bully (Trick or Treat and If You) album and a few yet to be released songs. Young Gun is a fire spitter from Cleveland, Ohio. Pacewon is a member of New Jersey group the Outsidaz. They were a music collective that worked with the Fugees, D12, Eminem, and were affiliated with Wyclef's Refugee Camp. 

Check out the new music. If you like the tune drop a comment or share it with a friend. If you don't like it ... share it anyway and tell people how much you dislike it. Love it or hate it, as long as you're listening to the music it's all good. Plus there will be a new track next week. Keep checking every week and I guarantee one of these many weeks i'll drop a tune you do like. Until then Peace! 

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