Sunday, February 13, 2011

Next Generation

The next generation of rappers have been steadily making their mark in the industry. All four are from different parts of the map and spit with a unique style. Freddie Gibbs (Gary, IN), Kendrick Lamar (Compton, CA), Curren$y (New Orleans, LA) and  Termanology (Lawrence, MA).

Freddie Gibbs,  has a monster underground buzz cuz of his machine gun fire delivery and hard lyrics.(I like that catz flow) Kendrick Lamar, worked with Dr. Dre on detox. Curren$y, is a veteran who used to be signed to Cash Money back in 2005. He got released from their label started his own label and is finally getting some shine. Termanology, has been building a buzz on the underground since 2006 before hitting mainstream success. He recently released the project 1982 with DJ Statik Selektah. Check 'em out.

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