Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheap Investments

Ever since Facebook started selling stock everyone wants to become an investor. 

Investing money into any project can be a tricky affair. There's always a risk of the project going wrong or being a scam. There are resources available to help lessen the risk of lose, like research on the internet or newspapers but nothing is fool proof. If you're new to investing and want to start small Penny Stocks are a good option. The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) classify penny stocks as any stock under five dollars. 

There's a man named Timothy Sykes who claims to have made millions from penny stocks. It is possible and there are people searching for the next big start-up company like Walmart or Google to duplicate his success. What made Timothy Sykes so successful is he had the inside scoop on which are the "hottest penny stocks." He offers advice on his website along with tips and tricks to avoid for investors. 

Although penny stocks cost less in some ways they can be more costly than blue-chip stock. There are four major factors that increase the risk. There's a lack of information available to the public, no minimum standards, lack of history and liquidity. You can read more about the risk of penny stock on investopedia by clicking the link.

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