Friday, June 8, 2012

Socially Conscious

A friend once told me that, "I was to smart not to notice the world's problems...but to cold to care."

David Banner is a man that cares. His new track "Malcolm X" is a direct stand against all the negative stereotypes being perpetuated in music today. He talks about why rappers are so proud to brag that they're selling drugs in their hoods. When they're selling the drugs to their own people, which helps to destroy their neighborhoods.

The lyrics are hard but not preachy, the chorus is an angry chant with top notch production. David Banner is one of those socially conscious MC's who can still get in a cypher and spit fire. Don't get it twisted, he was making gangsta tunes before becoming aware of the message being related in his music. 

Another MC who gets busy is Murs. He is known as a conscious rapper who prefers to use more vocabulary than curses. His name is an acronym of many meanings. M.U.R.S. stands for (Making the Universe Recognize and Submit or Making Underground Raw Shit) and several others things. He is part of Hip-Hop groups Living Legends, 3 Melancholy Gypsies, Felt and an organizer of the Paid Dues festival. On his new song "Epic Salutations," Murs details the problems in Hip-Hop with witty rhymes, over neck-snapping production. 

Last, is a new track by Tech N9ne featuring group Mayday. Tech has never been known as the most conscious of rappers, but this song is different. Its a tribute to all the people who have been effected by the horrors of war. Whether its the soldiers fighting in the war or the families waiting for a soldiers return, the song is dedicated to everyone. 

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