Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Energy

Contrary to what's you've read or been told, mankind has successfully developed self-sustaining energy devices. They're not in development or just ideas on a chalk board, these are functioning, environmentally safe, devices ready to benefit society. This post isn't to convert your mind to give up gasoline and start driving an electric car. I'm just passing on information that could change the way you view our energy crisis.

The first person to discover free energy, also known as zero point energy, cosmic energy or currently new energy, was Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a genius, inventor, physicist, and futurist whose inventions and research are still being used today. In 1901 Tesla discovered there was a natural energy field in the universe that could be harnessed to generate an endless supply of energy.

Tesla created the Wardenclyffe Tower also known as the Tesla Tower for commercial wireless, broadcasting, and power transmission. He proved that with a few Tesla Towers placed around the globe, mankind would no longer need expensive, inefficient telephone lines and cables. His investor at that time was J.P. Morgan the main supplier of the copper being used in telephone lines and cables. If those Towers were put to use J.P. Morgan would've lost millions of dollars. Once Tesla proved his tower worked, his lab was burned to the ground and research destroyed.

Since Tesla's time, numerous inventors have rediscovered the same free energy field and designed machines to harness it. The reason you and most of the known world hasn't heard of these inventions is because the information has been suppressed. This isn't a conspiracy theory, or exaggeration, this is reality. If people learn there are alternatives to fossil fuels and destructive nuclear power they would want to use them. 

Allow me to give a few examples of the brilliant minds who have contributed to this re-emerging field of science. Adam Trombly (physicist, Inventor) who built a motor that pulls energy right out of the air generated by the magnetic flow of the earth. He was invited to give a presentation of his invention at the United Nations but before it happened his lab was raided and device confiscated.

Inventor John Bedini worked with Tesla's theories on radiant energy and invented battery charging devices, that supplied more power than an electric generator. He made an announcement to the media that he would sell the devices at low costs. Immediately afterwards he was attacked in his lab, research confiscated and warned not to sell the device. Out of fear for his life he abandoned the free energy field.

Inventor John Hutchinson used similar Tesla theories to create free energy batteries. He also successfully demonstrated those same theories could be applied to anti-gravity. His experiments demonstrating anti-gravity by making objects as large as a bowling ball float in the air can be watched on youtube. His lab was raided by government agencies and his research and equipment confiscated three times. First in 1978, then in 1989, and last in 2000.

One of the most brutal cases of suppression was inventor Eugene Mallove. He was an engineer for M.I.T and Harvard universities, also publisher of Infinite Energy Magazine. The magazine covered both theoretical and technological advancements in the free energy field. He was mysteriously beaten to death in 2004.

The list goes on and on. These devices would provide clean, self-sustaining energy for every location on earth. Once that happens mankind could focus on matters like space exploration or providing clean water to remote countries. We could finally end famine, cure cancer, aids, diabetes and other diseases that plague society. So why is this information being so violently and brutally suppressed? The answer is simple...wealth and power.

Energy is a 300 trillion dollar business and if it was abundant that profit would come out of someones pocket. Fun fact, there are five companies, just five, that control 100% of what you see, buy, read, wear and learn in school. I'm not going to list which because that's not the focus of this post. This post is about sharing information and making more people aware that there are alternatives to fossil fuels.

I'm not asking that you sign a petition, talk to your congressman, rally or any other form of activism. What I am asking is that you open your mind to the possibility of a better world and watch part of the video below. The video is named "Thrive" and it discusses the free energy field in layman terms. The movie also talks about conspiracies and a lot of other information that some may consider irrelevant. 

So I want you to watch the first 41 minutes of the movie. Share that information with whoever is interested in improving life for the planet. Until we have an open dialog about free energy research being conducted by scientific minds world-wide, we will continue to live in a world of violence, scarcity and fear.

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