Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Muzik

It's been a while since I've had a music post. There hasn't been many songs that I liked because the majority of artists are trying to sound like whoever is hot at the moment.

When working on my album I listen to other artists for inspiration and to make sure I don't say a line someone else has used. (I despise biting) I finally found some New Muzik worth posting but its coming from older artists. I got tunes from Do or Die, Mysonne, B.U.C., Lumidee and myself.

Do or Die are Chicago music legends! They have done a lot of tracks with Twista and come from the lyrical era in the Chi when everybody who released music was spittin fiya. You can here their influence in the music of many rappers. The group took some time off and came back with a blazing track called "Do Ur Thang." The song features R&B vocalist and long time collaborator Johnny P. That dude can chirp.

Then there's B.U.C (Brooklyn Uptown Connection) who were formally Ill Al Skratch. The group had a string of hits in the 90's then parted from the industry to pursue other endeavors. Their 1994 song "Where My Homiez? was a certified street banger and helped gain mainstream notoriety. Now the group is back as B.U.C. and their single "Bunji Jump" is burning up the airwaves. I like the beat, chorus and chemistry between the artists.

Next is Mysonne. I think I posted something from him in the past. I can't remember what it was at the moment and don't want to regurgitate the same info. The short version is Mysonne was signed to Ruff Ryders when the label was all heavy hitters (DMX, Tha Lox, Eve, Drag-On). Right when he was on the verge to blow-up he caught a case and went away for some years. Since his release Mysonne hasn't stopped releasing tracks. His new joint "Real Mind of Mysonne" is a response to rapper Hopsin's song with the same title. The song is dope and Mysonne spits some heavy bars without sounding preachy.

Lumidee is a singer and rapper from east New York who had a few hits in the 90's. I remember her collaboration with Busta Rhymez made her a household name. She has continued making music and experimenting with different styles over the years. She recently released the single "Party all week" which is a mix of Hip-Hop and house with a little dance music flair. I'm diggin the vibe of the track. It makes me want to hit the bar and do a few vodka shots.

Last is my new video "My Addictions." The title is self explanatory and the video shows pieces of my shows in varies cities and countries. I basically warn about the pitfalls I've experienced in over a decade in the industry so others can avoid them. Check out all the new music and of you like what you hear leave a comment and pass it on.

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