Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Art of Dance

There are 5 elements to Hip-Hop. Most of the time I post the elements of MCing, Knowledge and Graffiti because they were the most influential in my youth.

The art of dance is an element that I appreciate but doesn't get much attention. This post is dedicated to all the breakers and freestyle dancers who do it for the love first, then the pay. The first movie that I ever saw that featured breakdancing was Beat Street

The first movies that focused on breakdancing were Breakin and Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo. These movies weren't as electrifying as watching the Rock Steady Crew give a live show but they were good because the plot revolved around breaking.

These days dance comes in many forms and breakdance is just one style. The Dubstep generation has brought different elements to the poppin and locking format. The slowed down tempo changes in Dub gives a matrix look to some of the movements. 

One of the shows that really brought this Dub/breaking mix to the masses was ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew). Although many people complain about how commercial the show ABDC has become, the first few seasons had some real talented dancers. In my opinion it brought back some of the popularity of being in a dance crew and battling for respect. 

Below are videos showing a variety of dance styles and battles from different dance groups. There's French dance sensations Les Twins, Dubstep dance crew Dragon House, America's Best Dance Crew winners Jabbawockeez and many others.

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