Monday, December 10, 2012

The Complete God of War series

I’ve been a fan of G.O.W. since part one was released on the PS2 console. The story is about Krato’s a Spartan warrior who is forced to do the bidding of the Olympian Gods to gain his freedom.  The play is third person meaning you control a character as he moves through the game. There are 5 titles in total G.O.W. 1-3 then Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta.

All of the games have ancient Greece as the backdrop for the action mixing original plots with Greek mythology. The creators did an extraordinary job on detail. As an avid gamer I found the control and weapons variety easy to use with a wide selection of weapons to choose from. On each game title the weapons and some of the beasts change so it stays entertaining. 

G.O.W– 1-3 chronicles the ascension of Krato’s from an obedient although reluctant man into a vengeful Demigod. He kills Ares the original God of war, usurps his position and power then goes on a quest to free himself from servitude. During his trials Krato’s learns that the Gods fear the return of the Titans who they have kept bound in chains since their defeat.  He completes all the tasks requested by the gods but they re-neg on there promise to set him free. Krato’s goes on a rampage killing Titans and Gods alike. His wrath takes him all the way to Mount Olympus to battle Zeus himself. 

G.O.W.– Chains of Olympus is a prequel to the series. Originally it was only for Sony PSP but they remastered the game and released it for the PS3. It was the least engaging out of all 5 titles because it lacked in diversity. Most of the creatures repeat through the levels and there was a lack of mini games (miniature games inside the game) which made the other titles so appealing. The plot-line is that the Dream God Morpheus causes all the Gods sleep while Helios the sun God is kidnapped. With the sun gone Morpheus, Persephone and the Titan Atlas, try to destroy the world while the other Gods are sleeping. 

G.O.W.- Ghosts of Sparta is the final title in the series. This is a great title for G.O.W fans because it explores the origins of Kratos. The plot follows Kratos as he finds his mother, Callisto in the undersea city of Atlantis who tells him his brother Deimos, is imprisoned in the Domain of Death. Kratos has to save his brother and fight the God of Death, Thanatos for his freedom. The scenes are superb, the weapons and treasures are on par with the first God of war and the overall game play is excellent.

I think G.O.W is one of the best PS series to hit the market and a must have for any serious gamer who is a fan of third person action.


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