Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Original Ostrich Helicopter

In the past I posted about a man who turned his dead feline Orville into a modern helicopter.

Since then there have been strange developments in the field of Animal Aeronautics. In July 2013 inventors in the Netherlands released their Original Ostrich Helicopter at the annual Zwarte Cross Festival. The helicopter was made from the carcass of a male specimen that died of disease on an ostrich farm. The ostrich copter has four rotating propellers, is radio controlled and is much larger than its counterpart Orville.

The inventors reasoned that this original piece of art and technology would be a good selling item for their company. I personally think its a bit creepy…but I judge no ones taste in aerial devices or art. The Ostrich copter is a mix of both. Once you get past the ideal that you’re looking at a motorized flying corpse. You can appreciate the engineering and technological skill it took to get an Ostrich to fly.

Below I posted a video of the new Ostrich copter, if you like strange flying devises, check it out.

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