Tuesday, January 28, 2014

True Love Tester?

The creative minds of Japanese scientist and a few fashion heads decided to design a bra that won't open unless the woman is supposedly in love.

The new Bra, is being toughed as a "True Love Tester" because it can't be unhooked without the proper emotional response. According to a Human Sexuality Specialist and the former Med School Associate Professor. When a woman is in love her brain produces a hormone called Catecholamine. This hormone is different than any other secretion produced by arousal or excitement. Once it's released into the blood there's an increase in heart rate, pulse and pupil dilation. 

There's a built in sensor on the front of the bra that monitors heart rate and pulse. All the info is sent to a special app. designed for the bra via Bluetooth. The app. then analysis the data and judges ether the woman is truly in love by changes in heart rate over time. The bra will only open when a woman's brain produces high enough levels of Catecholamine.

Call me old fashioned or maybe even a romantic, but I like to believe there's more to love than a combination of hormones and electrical impulses. Although this bra maybe able to read all the aforementioned physical responses it can't calculate the connection between two souls. (That's just my opinion)

Regardless of whether you believe it works or not, the bra is an interesting new piece of technology. To learn more about how the "True Love Tester," works and where you can buy one...watch the video below.

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