Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Video and Art

What's poppin people!

It's been awhile since my last post. During that time I've been through more up's and down's than a roller-coaster.

The "down's" were having leg surgery to remove the metal plate and 5 screws I got during my military tour. The surgery went well but due to a hematoma I had to keep my leg elevated and couldn't walk for a month. It's been a month and a half since surgery and the hole on my leg has finally closed up. 

The "up's" by far outweigh the "down's" in terms of creativity. Once I was mobile again, I shot the video for New York Spit. The song is Dollarmentary and I trading bars about our love of Hip-Hop over a classic 90's beat. The video was shot in Amsterdam and New York City. This was the second single off "Tha Audio Bully" album coming January 2015. The song is available on iTunes by clicking the link.


During my recuperation I spent entire days drawing and writing. The results from those endeavors were primitive colored creations. The drawings were done in blue, red, and black ink. Not by choice...those were the only pens around me at the time. With the exception of "Gun Pop Art" which was drawn and shaded in black pen. Then it was colored in marker by a friend.  Some of the images will be used in future painting like "Lucky 13" or "Cat in Baby Suit,"  the rest were for practice.

There are more videos, music, and blog posts coming in 2015. I had to focus less on the posting and more on the creating for awhile, but in 2015 I'll figure out how to balance the two. Check out the new video and art. If you like what you see leave a comment and repost it to a friend

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