Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Bank Takes Little Bank

There's a new trend in America that's becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement. It's similar to a game children play called "Big Bank Takes Little Bank."

The kids game is simple, two kids bet who has the most money in their pockets. Both kids empty their pockets and who ever has the most money wins, and takes the other persons money. In the kids game after the big bank (person with more money) takes the little bank (person with less money) sometimes they give the money back.

In the adult version of the game the rules are different. The big bank is law enforcement and the little bank is YOU. There's a law called Civil Asset Forfeiture which allows police to take your money, house, car and property without any evidence of a crime. 

The law was created back in the 80's to stop big drug dealers from profiting from their illegal activities. Currently the law is being abused to steal from people during routine traffic stops on the highway. There are numerous reports from across the country of people being straight-up robbed by (gun carrying) police officers. 

Not everyone is taking this illegal abuse quietly. The few who have fought back have found that it's a difficult battle. There are two results when citizens have legally attempted to retrieve their stolen money

First the bad result. To avoid going to court the police offer a settlement of 50% of your lost earnings. That way you don't lose everything, even though the money was yours legally to begin with. 

Now the worse result. You go to court and by some divine act actually win the case. The results are almost the identical. You automatically lose 30% in court fees and taxes. Add on attorney fees and whatever other costs were accrued during the legal proceedings and the loss is close to half.

Below is a video explaining the Civil Asset Forfeiture Law in detail. Watch the video and know this law. There are a lot of videos on youtube with people telling sad stories about how the cops took their money. Don't be one of those people. The more educated you are on the law the easier it is to defend yourself. I don't know anyone who can afford to lose a few thousand dollars...on nothing. (food for thought)

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