Sunday, February 21, 2016

Earth Chronicles

There's been a lot of debate on whether the world is round, flat, or spiral like cheese doodles. Due to recent discoveries about our solar system I'm going to explore all the current hypotheses and share my opinion on which I believe.

In January 2016 researchers at Caltech discovered the existence of a 10th planet in our solar system.  The planet currently dubbed "Planet X" has only been confirmed through mathematical modeling and computer simulations. Researchers have posted a video requesting amateur astronomers to search the night skies for the missing planet. The reason that I call the new planet the 10th planet and not the 9th like mainstream media is reporting, is due to cosmology. When I was growing up Pluto was the ninth planet in the solar system. Therefore I still consider it a planet. 

Back in 1999 I read a book called the 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin. The book is the first in a series called The Earth Chronicles. In the book Zecharia explains the creation story of civilization and our solar system from ancient deciphered Sumerian tablets. On the cover of the book is a diagram of our solar system from the outside (beyond Pluto) heading in towards the sun. That's the only way interstellar travelers (without wormhole technology) could reach earth from a distant planet. The diagram shows the entire cosmology of our solar system which is nine planets, our moon, sun and "Planet X" which they called Nibiru. According to ancient cosmology the newly discovered planet is actually a rediscovery of the planet Nibiru that was known in antiquity.

Now with that juicy tidbit of information let's explore a few of the current theories about our earth. The two main theories being debated are whether or not the earth is round like a ball or flat like a carpet. I'm not a dismissive person, BUT the flat earth theory has zero credibility. Since every other planet, moon, and celestial body in the universe has a circular shape it is reasonable to believe earth has the same shape. Also, the description of the earth from pre-history has always been a sphere. If someone can show undeniable proof that the earth is flat, then I will change my opinion. Until then the earth is round.

The second theory is that the earth is round.  As I mentioned above, all celestial bodies excluding comets and asteroids are spheres. To me this isn't a theory it's a fact. The last and more scientifically plausible theory is that the earth is hollow. The "Hollow Earth" theory is as old as humanity and has been documented for thousands of years. Some Tibetan, African, South and North American ethnic groups claim their ancestors came from subterranean realms inside the earth. In 1692 Edmond Halley hypothesized the Earth consisted of a hollow shell about 800 km (500 miles) thick, two inner concentric shells and an inner core, about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Internal atmospheres separate these shells, and each shell has its own magnetic poles. Although it sounds far-fetched, current science has given this antiquated hypothesis traction.

Back in 2007 seismologists from Washington University in St. Louis, discovered a huge water reservoir beneath the Earth's crust in Asia. The body of water was estimated to be larger than the Arctic ocean. More recent investigation has shown the amount of water inside the earth's mantle is larger than all the oceans combined. Aside from water there are entrances to the interior of the earth at both the north and south pole. These specific areas are restricted for commercial flight and heavily guarded by the military. One of the most famous cases for the "Hollow Earth," theory is the diary of Admiral Richard Byrd. Admiral Byrd was a highly decorated US Naval officer whose diary documented his 1947 expedition to the North Pole. During that exposition he discovered lush forests, wild-life and even a woolly mammoth. Entrances into the poles can be viewed by satellite photos of earth. 

I won't go into more detail because this subject has been thoroughly covered by many writers before me. I wrote this post providing an alternative perspective to the two hypothesis being promoted by the mainstream. Below are some videos that expand upon the subject. I don't claim to have the answers. I just like proposing questions. Like..."If there's nothing to hide at the poles, why are citizens restricted from investigating them?"

The one thing I know for certain is ..."The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction." 

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