Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Muzik News

To all Hip-Hop Heads world-wide.

My song "Four Walls," the last single off Tha Audio Bully album is now available on all digital platforms. The treatment for the video is already done and shooting will begin after the "Love Hip-Hop" video is released next month.

The video production for "Love Hip-Hop" was started last week. After scouting around Amsterdam to Haarlem for a few days we finally found the best spots to guerrilla shoot (shooting without a permit). The day after we began shooting it began to rain. 

Most of the video is shot outdoors. The weather has been rainy and inhospitable so outdoor shots were on hold for the last few days. Two of the locations feature graffiti from local artists in different styles. Some people do lettering,while others design whole scenes. One of my favorite locations features characters from the Guardians of Galaxy movie

The concept for the video is to show all the elements of Hip-Hop. MC'ing, Graffiti, DJ'ing, B-Boying, and Knowledge combined to give a visual to the song lyrics. I'll write another post once the video is done. Until then check out the new music and some pics from the video shoot below.

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