Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Science & Technology

Spring is in the air and summer is on the way. I wanted to snowboard one last time before all the snow melted so I went to Winterberg and returned a few days ago. The powder was fresh but the WiFi where I stayed was prehistoric.  The only way to check email was by walking half a kilometer, down a hill, and pirating WiFi from the student hostel. This post is a mix of science and technology information that I couldn't share while traveling.

First is the "Heart on a chip." The "Heart on a chip," is literally, a functioning human heart the size of a micro-chip. Scientist at the University in Toronto grew heart tissue in a lab, attached the tissue to scaffolding and transplanted it into a rat. Inside the body it grew muscle and blood vessels that allowed blood to flow. Even after the tissue was removed from the rats body it continued to beat rhythmically like a normal organ. this is cutting edge technology that can change not only the rejection rate for transplants, but can also allow science to grow replacement organs for patients from their own tissue.

The next piece of tech is going to make some people wonder of science fiction has just become real. The creative minds at Microsoft have taken holographic technology to a whole new level. Their new "Holoportation" technology allows for interactive 3D holograms that don't use a screen and move in real-time. Don't take my word for it...watch the video.

The last piece of information is a bit weird...but in a good way. A company out the UK named Moley Robotics has invented the first robotic chef. The chef is a pair of robotic arms which move about a kitchen that consumers must purchase as well. The robotic chef will(in the future) be programmed with over 2000 recipes from four star chefs. To learn more about the robotic chef and what it's capable of ...check out the video below.

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