Monday, February 12, 2018

New Muzik Monday

What's Poppin People,

Today is New Muzik Monday! My new single "All I Want" gets released next week. The song details some of the hardships I've experienced in my personal life. It also discusses things I want from a relationship. A girl slash friend of mine once said, there is no perfect romance. Everybody is going through life looking for someone just as f**ked-up as they are so they can be happy together. 

As odd as it sounds I have found her words to be quite true. I don't believe there's a perfect person for anyone. I do believe there is someone who is just as crazy, chaotic and creative as I am. Once I find her we can build upon that foundation.  

The song "All I Want" is the first single from my new album Underground Artist Major Threat. It features soul singer and producer Tone Jonez on the chorus. This song has more of an R&B and soul vibe than my usual rap tunes. Each verse details desires and experiences that anybody whose fallen in love can relate too. It comes just in time for St. Valentines Day.  

Once the song has been posted on digital platforms
(which is next week) I will post a buy link. For now, you can listen to it below.

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