Monday, October 11, 2010

Top 5 DJ's (dead or alive)

Someone asked me a question the other day. "Who was my all time favorite DJ...dead or alive?" I didn’t have an answer at the time. I don’t really like lists, BUT for the sake of conversation I posted my top five dead or alive DJ’s. When I say DJ I mean a person who spins and can scratch on the turntables, not producers with the title DJ in their DJ Quik or DJ Green Lantern. 

I’ll do a top five dead or alive post about MC's at a later date. Below in no particular order are DJ Premiere, DJ Screw, Tony Touch, DJ Clue,  and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Check out how Jazzy Jeff breaks down the record live at the House of Blues. If you don’t like my five DJ’s post a comment with a list of your own.

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