Sunday, January 15, 2012

Future Cars

Modern car designs don’t stray far from the original design from the 19th century. The doors are fixed in place by two separate hinges attached to the body of the vehicle. Over the years some designers switched the locations of the hinges. Placing the hinges at the top of the car was the inception of the Lamborghini style wing doors. Placing them at the opposite side of the door frame, created the suicide doors. They were given the name because of their popularity amongst 1930’s criminals. They found suicide doors easier to open, when throwing victims from the moving vehicle.

Jatech offers a brand new design to automobiles. They offer luxury automobiles with a seamless drop down door system unlike any created before. The doors slide down and under the car out of view..literally disappearing. That may sound like a large claim but if you watch the video below it will prove it.

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