Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stew from Trash and Steaks from Shit...desperate Dining

In Tondo, one of the most densely populated places on Earth. Where there live 90,000 people per square kilometer, they are forced to extreme gathering tactics for survival. Some of the business savvy citizens of Thailand dig through the garbage bags of fast food and other dining establishments picking already eaten food. While they are doing this, stray dogs and other animals are also digging through the trash bags eating whatever is available.

After the person gathers a pots worth of already eaten food, they chop it, wash it, and recooked it into a stew called Pag Pag. The stew is extremely popular and one of the fastest selling cuisines in Tondo. To the Western mind eating someone else's trash is a stretch for the imagination. Now imagine eating someone else's shit....

That's right meat made from shit..feces...excrement...poop....doo doo... and any other term fitting the description. Professor Akida in Japan. Created the first steaks from proteins extracted from human excrement. By extracting the proteins found in sewage mud and killing all the harmful bacteria scientist were able to create a edible meat product which simulates beef. To see the meat and learn more watch the video below, along with one featuring the people of Tondo.

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