Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Muzik

The New Muzik keeps coming! Since last post I've been busy working on the album and listening to music. Most of the material I feel is from underground cats, but that's for the next post. This is about new music (some of the other tracks are older) from a variety of artists. There's tunes from School Boy Q ft. Asap Rocky "Hands on the Wheel," Bobby Creekwater ft. Stat Quo "Alright Alright," Tyger Vinum "Defying Gravity" Kendrick Lemar ft. Curtains x "Live Again" and Nappy Roots "Pete Rose". 

Nappy Roots are a multi-platinum selling group that gained critical acclaim a few years back then disappeared. The group went through a transition period and member R. Prophet left for a solo career. Now they're back and the track is Fiya! Below is all different types of flavor from MC's with unique flow and delivery.

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