Sunday, March 4, 2012

H. A. T. E. R. S.

I've gained quite a few haters lately. Some even in the outer perimeter of my own social circle. Haters are people Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. I can't take credit for the acronym. I read it somewhere and thought it fit.

Hating is a weakness. It shows the person has a weak character, mind, and spirit. By hating they display to the world that they don't have the motivation, determination and ambitious drive to catch whatever dream they're chasing. Most haters do it cuz they envy a persons position. Meaning their social status, fame, wealth or possessions.

In the haters mind they believe that person doesn't deserve what they have. Or in some cases they believe they (the hater) can do it better. Whether it be sports, music, acting, art, or a well paying profession like doctor or lawyer. To fill the void that disappointment in their own life and envy creates...they hate on others, to feel better about themselves.

For all those poor souls who try and reason, debate or rehabilitate haters, take some simple advice "It's not worth it." Understanding a person doesn't stop them from spreading negativity. The way I see it. If haters spent less time hating and more on self-improvement they would be closer to reaching their goals and happier in life.

Let me take this moment to say "Thank-You" to all my haters! I appreciate living in your head rent free...all the time. The more people that hate, only shows validation that I'm getting closer to reaching success. That negative energy fuels my motivation and inspires me to work harder towards achieving my goals. By becoming successful I become truly worthy of all the wasted energy being expended hating.

On that note I'll share the most recent accomplishments. The label Vinumous Records signed a three year distribution deal with Blackhole Recordings a division of Koch/E1 distribution. We finally have a major only took ten years. All a major does is put my music in territories that were inaccessible as an independent. This creates new fans and touring opportunities for myself and other artists on the label.

Also this morning I finished editing the clip for the song "That's Life." It's track fourteen on the Grindin Muzik album which is available for purchase in stores and on all digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, etc..). You can watch the video by clicking this link That's Life or by going to my Y.T. page 

Life, like wine keeps getting better with time. Once again thanks to all my haters, you keep me on the grind. (Keep Hating)

Til Next We Speak, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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