Monday, March 19, 2012

New Muzik

I've been listening to new muzik from coast to coast and overseas. I'm looking for the best albums to put in the next album review post. While searching for the right albums I've had the privilege of discovering a few new artists. Below is music by industry veterans Saigon (ft. Quan), Killer Mike (ft. Young Jeezy) and Mysonne. Mysonne has been spittin bars since The Lox and DMX were still on Ruff Ryders. He went away for awhile, but since his return he has been dropping some hard tracks. 

There's also new comers Lightweight and L. Hammond. One from NYC the other from Seattle WA. both MC's got bars and spit with different styles. Lately the trend has been for NY rappers to sound like their from somewhere else. Whether it be from the south, Chicago, West coast or even from the UK. It's got to the point where its hard to tell if these cats are from New York. The MC's in the line-up below all represent their region to the fullest, and each track is dope.

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