Sunday, March 11, 2012

Human Evolution

How evolution occurs is still being highly debated by scientists. Some Darwinist believe it happens over millions of years gradually. While more modern scholars postulate the idea it happens rapidly in a short period, like an explosion.

In Dahua, southern China a boy named Nong Youhui is putting the question of evolution to the test. Youhui was born with bright blue eyes similar to what is seen on Europeans. His parents noticed when he was a week old and doctors told the parents they would change color as he grew older. A decade passed and since Youhu’s eyes worked well his parents forgot about them.

One of Youhu’s teachers noticed that if light was shined directly into Youhu’s eyes they reflected the light back like cats eyes. The teacher then contacted eye specialist who conducted tests on Youhu’s vision. They found that Youhu could see in the dark. His night vision was so precise he could catch crickets in the dark without a flashlight. The only time his eyes caused discomfort was when he played in bright daylight. The light receptors in his eyes captured to much light causing blurry vision.

Some people believe it’s human evolution. Others believe Youhui’s a hybrid mix of human and alien DNA. Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, its interesting news. The video of Nong Youhui’s unusual tale is below. Although it sounds like science fiction it’s all true. Check it out.

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