Monday, June 10, 2013

Bad Information

While I've been working on album promotion and shooting movies in Zuid Holland the world has been going bonkers (that's the scientific term).

First, there's the new "Sleep Texting Disorder" that is causing embarrassment and job losses across the US. Basically people who are not mature enough to own a phone, fall asleep with their phone turned on. Then while they're sleeping these people reply to calls and text messages. The simplest solution for most intelligent minds would be to turn off the phone or set it on mute when sleeping. That way even if a call or text comes in while they're asleep they don’t respond.   

Apparently, enough people have “sleep text” that medical professionals are now calling the experience a disorder. When I think of disorders I think of conditions out of human control.  Sleep texting is completely within the realm of control… so it’s too stupid to be described as a “disorder.”  People who don’t know how to work the on and off switch on any device should not own it.

The other technological issue that is currently being debated is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Congress is debating on whether or not to give machines permission to kill humans.  (Did he just say robots…killing…people…YES HE DID) I know this sounds like a movie out the Terminator franchise, but its completely true. We now possess the technology where robots can fight on the front lines in place of human beings.  The military already uses drones and other A.I. technology in warfare. The difference between drones and the proposed method of warfare is that a human is operating the drone or other robot being used.Therefore a human is making the decision for the machine.

Under the new legislation being debated in congress, Robots will have the rights to arbitrarily decide who to kill and who not too. There will be no human operator or controller. The robot decides what to do for itself. I’m sure you the reader can see the potential problems waiting to occur if this legislation passes.  If you can’t see the problems take a moment to think about how often MP3 players, phones, game consoles and every other electronic device malfunctions.  Now imagine that the electronic device malfunctioning has a weapon and permission to kill you. (scary huh)

No matter how good the programming is, there is always room for error. I believe mankind should think and act for itself. The moment we give the right to take human lives to robotic machines…mankind becomes extinct. (food for thought) Check out the clips below for more information. 

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